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Nicasio Coffee Blog — grinders

Grind Does Matter

brewing grinders

In my last blog post I recommended getting a new grinder if you want to improve the taste of your coffee. Now I’ll explain why the grinder is so important to the actual taste of the coffee. The first and most obvious thing is consistency. A spice grinder grinds finer the longer you keep it on. Depending on the coffee (some are harder than others), freshness, amount used, it is very hard to produce the same grind time after time. When making coffee, reducing variables is important to improving and maintaining consistently good coffee. If some days the ground coffee...

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Want to improve your daily grind?

grinders tools

Many people think when they want to improve their coffee “I better buy a new coffee maker.” Seems logical. But the truth is, that there are three main factors that can make your coffee better. And how you make coffee is not even number 2. It’s number 3. It’s the grinder. Getting a better grinder doesn’t intuitively seem the most effective way to improve your coffee, but one of the very few things that coffee experts agree on is that the grinder is the most important factor in getting your coffee to taste great. If you’re using a decent burr...

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