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Why Nicasio Coffee?

I don’t have an iron stomach. One of the reasons I began my career as a roaster was that although I liked coffee, it often gave me heartburn or worse. I developed my roast profiles so that you and I can enjoy the coffee flavors without any stomach side effects. I can literally drink a cup of black coffee right before bed and feel just fine. With those dark, shiny coffees, if I did the same, it would take more than a couple Rolaids to allow me to sleep.

Coffee is very complex chemically, but one thing for sure, it is not very acidic. Even Peet’s dark roasted coffee is less acidic than plain milk. So what's going on is not a direct acid to stomach problem. I suspect that while burnt coffees are not acidic, they trigger acid production in the stomach which leads people to think they are high in acid.

Nicasio Coffee offers:

  • Really good coffee which is not over roasted and which tastes like it smells.
  • A coffee that will not upset your stomach.
  • A super smooth coffee with no sour notes.
  • A coffee that doesn't need to be diluted with a lot of milk and sugar.
  • Certified organic coffees roasted in small batches.
  • A full pound of coffee! Note that most roasters sell their coffee in 12 ounce bags. You'll get 25% more Nicasio Coffee!
  • USPS priority mail shipping from the Nicasio Post Office within 1 business day.